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ISSUE 86 (September 2010)

Relationships and Contacts (Part 1) 

A Comparative Analysis 

Aspects of Depression in Women

The impact of Graphology in Career changes 

Intelligence according to Emile Caille 

Handwriting analysis No.39



Monique Riley

Association Belge de Graphologie

Julia Kristeva & Rosine de Cursac

Brigitte Midon

Oscar Venturini

ISSUE 87 (January 2011)

Relationships and Contacts (Part 2) 

Nina: A colourful case of Pathological Autism 

Reflections on Sulking 


Diploma Exams 2010

Handwriting Analysis No. 40

New Handwriting exercise No. 41


Monique Riley

A. Dondero, M. Redaelli, N. Passalcqua

Agnes Daubricourt

Jaime Tutusaus 

ISSUE 88 (May 2011)

Official handwriting and spontaneous handwriting 

Graphology Theory and Practice 

Words with space and the importance of their analysis

The Persona in Jung 

Social diversity. The implications for Graphology

Revues and News

Handwriting exercise No. 41

New Handwriting exercise No. 42


Dr. Angelika Burns

New Scriptor Publication

Monique Riley, Claude Soulié

Monique Genty

Nigel Bradley Nigel

ISSUE 89 (September 2011)

 A tribute to Renna Nezos

 The concept of Collusion Mirrored in Handwriting

 Comparative Study of the Signature of Children and Adolescents before during and Graphotherapy sessions

 Graphology and Psychoanalysis the Freudian stages 

Changing values seen in the Handwriting of young Italians

Handwriting Analysis No. 42

Handwriting Exercise No. 43


Ruth Grosse

Jacqueline Peugeot

Claude Soulié

Claudia Dander

ISSUE 90 (January 2012)

Announcement of winner of the Renna Nezos Prize 2010

Shared winner: Handwriting Analysis in Patients with Major Depression 

Shared winner: The Electronic Tablet - An Investigation in Graphological Validity

Reflections on Listening 

Possibilities and Limitations of the Act of Will 

Remember Reaction Formation 

Handwriting Analysis No. 43

New Handwriting Exercise No. 44



Dr Pietro Pellegrini

Dr Marie Anne Nauer / Dr. Yuri Chernov / Boris Peterka


Agnes Daubricourt

Emanuela Deconi

Bernadette Keefe


ISSUE 91 (May 2012)

The Assad Dynasty of Syria

Compatibility At Work

Permanence and Change in Handwriting

Affectivity and its Graphic Expression

Is The Keyboard Mightier Than The Pen?                               

Why Are Linked Words In The Middle Zone So Common In Psychopaths?

Queen Elizabeth’s Handwriting

Handwriting Analysis No.44

New Handwriting Exercise No.45


Diana Darke

Vincenza de Petrillo

Laurence Grandchamp des Raux

Iride Conficoni

Tatiana de Barelli

Lilia Susana Martinez



ISSUE 92 (September 2012)

Graphology and Psychoanalysis 

The New Copybook – A Critical Comment 

In Praise of the Shadow 

Tatiana de Barelli - Background information

The Child with an Umbrella

Handwriting Analysis No. 45

New Handwriting Exercise No. 46

Full List of the BAOG Diploma Holders – 1988 – 2011


Claude Soulié

Susann Küng

Monique Genty


Tatiana de Barelli 

ISSUE 93 (May 2012)

Oedipus Complex 


Jack the Ripper Franscesco Rende

Diploma Exam Handwriting 2012

Handwriting Analysis No. 46

New Handwriting Exercise No, 47


Marie France Szymanek

A team lead by Veronique de Villeneuve

Francesco Rende


ISSUE 94 (May 2013)

The Graphological Interpretation of Printing

Washington Post Newsflash about Cursive Writing


Leftward Slant in the works of Moretti

Questioned Documents

The Latest on Two Copybook Styles

Obituary: Nigel Bradley

Handwriting Analysis No. 47

New Handwriting Exercise No. 48


Esther M. Dosch


Marie France Symanek

Maria Grazia Rizzoni

Graziella Pettinati

Ines Grämiger

ISSUE 95 (September 2013)

Considered Impression

Reflections on Subjective Responses to the Stroke

The Pencil Stroke

Difficult Personalities Part I

Diploma examinations 2013

Handwriting Analysis No. 48

New Handwriting Exercise No. 49


Bernadette Keefe and Monique Riley

Renata Joos

Dafna Yalon

Benedicte de Novacelle

ISSUE 96 (January 2014)

Report ADEG Meeting, London October 2013

The Gestalt Graphology of Hans Knobloch

Graphology and Adolescence

Difficult Personalities Part II

Handwriting Analysis No. 49

New Handwriting Exercise No. 50



Edith K Leslie

Tatiana de Barelli

Caroline Massyn, Pascale Cachera, Veronique Ruellan, Céline Colombani

ISSUE 97  (May 2014)

Camouflage Strategies used by Anonymous Letter Writers

Difficult Personalities part 3

Poke Francis - Assessment of Pope’s Handwriting at age 76

Handwriting in the Digital Age 

Adolescent Writing Today And its Psychological Correlations

Handwriting Analysis No. 50

New Handwriting Exercise

College News

Academy News


Elena Manetti

Caroline Baguenault

Fritz K.H.Stäter

Anne Marie Simond

Bergio Bello





ISSUE 98 (September 2014)

How to Compensate for Low Self Esteem 

The Expression of Narcissism of Handwriting 

Difficult Personalities part 4

The Psychoanalyst Anna Freud

What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades

Handwriting Analysis No 51

College News

Academy News

BAOG’s Diploma Holders 1988 - 2014


Beatrice Guglielmino

Anne Marie Nauer

Caroline Massyn

Renate Joos

Maria Konikova





ISSUE 99 (January 2015)

Letter from the British Academy of Graphology

Reflections on Wide Word Spacing

Changes in Handwriting in the case of Parkinson's Disease

Defence Mechanisms

The Use of Computers in Graphology

Diploma Handwriting Exam 2014

College News

Reviews and News

New Handwriting Exercise No 52

Academy News



Catherine Colo

Dr Max Schreier & Robert Bollschweiler

Bernadette Keefe

Yuri Chernov




ISSUE 100 (May 2015) COMMEMORATIVE (100th issue)

Letter from the Editor

The Case for Typologies

The Wartegg Drawing Test. A Case Study

Is The Pen Still Mightier Than The Keyboard?

Successful Women

The Barschel Case: A Confession Letter

Writing in Capitals Yesterday and Today

Analysis Handwriting Exercise No 52

College News

Academy News


Penny Clark

Renna Nezos

Dafna Yalon

Anne Chemin

Patricia Siegel

Antje Telgenbüscher

Lucia Benedor



ISSUE 101 (SEPTEMBER 2015 ) 1985-2015 (30 YEARS) 

Letter from the Directors 

Recollection from a Student

Criminal Tendencies in Handwriting

Judicial Graphology

The Hitler Diaries

Graphology and Recruitment

Graphology and learning Difficulties

The Graphologist Alongside the Doctor

Siegmund Freud

Analysis of Handwriting Exercise No. 53

Academy News



Savina Serpieri, Caroline Murray

Lorraine Herbert

Renna Nezos

Beatrice Guglielmino

Dr. Walter Brandner

Julietta Hua

Tatiana de Barelli

Anita Rusciadelli

Renata Joos

ISSUE 102 (JANUARY 2016)

Letter from the BAOG

Locked Attitudes


Handwriting and the Tree Test

Comparative Analysis of the Stroke

in Handwriting and in the Tree Drawing

Conventional Writing 

Diploma Exam 2015

Advanced Exam 2015

Handwriting Exercise (Sample no 54)

Reviews and News

Michael Coultas Obituary

College News

Academy News


Savina Serpieri

Barbara Sinclair

Klara Leclerq Backes

Marianne Dubois

Laurence d'Humières


Marie France Szymanek








ISSUE 103  (May 2016)

Letter from the Honorary President

The Role of Graphology in Assessments


The Problem of Unpractised Handwriting

Short Lower  Extensions

Handwriting Exercise (Sample No 55)

Reviews & News

Outside the Academy   


Clive Carr

Angelika Burns

Klara Leclercq Backes

Helmut Ploog

Sophie Tandeau de Marsac



ISSUE 104  (Sept 2016)

Portrait of Three Extreme Mountaineers                                                               

Superelevated Writing

Occasional Stiffening in Handwriting

Ring Trials

How to Improve Pophal's Theory