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Advanced Diploma

They are usually held every two years and anyone wishing to take them please apply to the Administration office.



ADEG is an Association that was founded in 1990 that observes and keeps the standards of practice of the science of Graphology in Europe.

The XXlll ADEG reunion took place in London on the 5th of October 2013. It was the third time that the BAOG has had the honour of hosting this meeting since the inaugural gathering took place here in London at the Park Lane Hotel twenty three years ago. Originally the founder members were seven of which the BAOG was one of them, subsequently other Associations joined. Today the members comprise of the following: two from France (SFDG & SGPF), Germany (PACG), Belgium (ABV/BVG), four from Italy (ARIGRAF, AGI. AGIF & CIGME) Switzerland (SGG/SSG), Holland (NOG), three from Spain (AGC Barcelona, AGE Madrid & CHFG) and England (BAOG).

ADEG Website: www.adeg-europe.eu - Association Déontologique Européenne de Graphologues



New Book

International Manual of Graphology

A new book has just been published called "International Manual of Graphology" which should be of great interest to all serious graphologists. This has been produced by Lorraine Herbert, Bernadette Keefe, Monique Riley and Monique Stirling, all eminent graphologists, after many years of research and much hard work. The aim of the book is to consolidate the various graphological systems which are used around the World, Movement Form Space and Stroke being the main criteria, or "core" system. The book assumes a knowledge of psychology and some typologies. It is entitled International Manual of Graphology and may be purchased at igc.books@btinternet.com. Here is Chapter V4 on Direction from the "International Manual of Graphology".


New Book

International Manual of Graphology

Tree Drawings: Insights into Personality, by Usha Mullen seeks to reveal the projection of a person's inner-self through the analysis of his or her drawings. Given its universality, the tree is a suitable medium for non-verbal expression of the individual, since it is unaffected by a person's culture, race,  social standing, age, or level of education.  With the help of some 270 illustrations, this book introduces the reader to the many tell-tale signs  that a tree drawing reveals about the person. It explains the significance of the type of tree chosen, its position on the page, the symbolism of  the roots, branches and crown and the use of colour; it also helps in the identification of traumas suffered. There is a section on more extreme  personalities such as the narcissist, anorexic, schizophrenic, as well as the pathological. Included is a chapter on the Trinal Approach, devised  by the author, that allows for a deeper level of understanding of the personality by using three diverse methodologies: Graphology, the analysis  of drawings and the Enneagram. mullanu@btinternet.com

A chapter from Annia Teillard's book

 In 1992 Ania Teillard's famous book The soul and Handwriting was published by Scriptor books. It is a great classic of the Jungian system applied to the handwriting. Reproduced below is a chapter she called "The Psychological Types at Dinner".

In September 2009, Scriptor Books, The Publishing arm of The British Academy of Graphhology published Michael Coultas’ excellent translation of Florence Witkowski’s “PSYCHOPATHOLOGY AND WRITING”.

For further details on the book and how to order it, go to …..> PSYCHOPATHOLOGY AND WRITING.

To give our readers a taste of this fascinating book, we have pleasure in making available herewith Chapter 17 entitled:

In May 2011 Scriptor Books published in conjunction with Nigel Bradley, a translation by Michael Coultas of:

Graphology Theory and Practice, by Lamberto Torbidoni and Livio Zanin.

Herewith the Preface to the First English Edition written by Nigel Bradley.