Renna Nezos Prize


Under the accreditation of ADEG

The prize will be awarded for the most important research submitted to ADEG during each three-year designated period.

Rules and Conditions

  1. The Prize shall be £1,000 and will be awarded to the candidate whose paper is judged by ADEG through its panel of judges to have contributed most to the advancement of the validation, knowledge and practice of Graphology during the designated period.
  2. Every candidate who has submitted a paper which is considered by the panel of judges to have made an important contribution to the advancement of Graphology, will be presented with a certificate of accreditation by ADEG.
  3. A candidate may be an individual graphologist, a group of graphologists or a society recognised by ADEG.
  4. A panel of judges shall be appointed for each award of the Renna Nezos Prize and shall consist of a nominee of The British Academy of Graphology and two members appointed by ADEG.
  5. The decision of the majority of the members of the panel of judges on all matters relating to the administration and awarding of the Renna Nezos Prize, to which they have been appointed, shall be final and binding.

The rules of Entry

  1. a) All submissions must be in both English and French.
    b) The final presentation should be a summary of the research including a justified conclusion and produced on not more than five pages of A4 paper. One copy in English and one copy in French should be sent to The British Academy of Graphology, 26 Launceston Place, London W8 5RN, UK, email:
    c) Shortlisted candidates will be asked to submit their full papers and supporting documents in both languages.
    d) If the panel consider that more than one paper has equal merit as the best submitted, the Prize shall be shared equally between the successful candidates.
    e) The closing date for all papers has been extended to the 31st of December 2016 and the results will be announced in December 2017.
  2. The British Academy of Graphology will publish the papers of the winner(s) of the Renna Nezos Prize.

Click here to download the Renna Nezos Prize "rules and conditions" as a PDF file.