Renna Nezos

Renna Nezos founded the British Academy of Graphology in 1985. At the same time she founded the London College of Graphology as a teaching body and Scriptor Books, (the publishing arm of the Academy). In October 1991 the Academy received Government recognition as the most eminent graphological body of the UK. In 1999 Mrs Nezos founded the Hellenic Institute of Graphology in Athens, Greece, of which she is the President.

Mrs Nezos has been a practising graphologist for over 40 years and has been teaching the subject since 1975. She holds the Diploma of the Institut Internationale de Recherches Graphologiques, Paris, and is the British representative of the Société Française de Graphologie and the Groupement de Graphologues Conseils de France. She is an Honorary Member of the Agrupacion de Grafoanalistas Consultivos (Spain), an Honorary Member of the Centro Internazionale di Grafologia Medica (Rome), and correspondent of the Associazone Italiana Grafoanalisi per l'Éta Evolutiva (Torino).

In October 2005 she was, for the third time, President of the Association Déontologique Européenne de Graphologues (ADEG), the most influential graphological body of the world, of which she is a leading light and co-founder. ADEG was formed in order to unite Graphology in Europe and establish a scientific integrity. Members who meet the criteria include Great Britain (BAOG), France (SFDG, GGCF, AGDS), Germany (BGGP), Italy (AGIF, ARIGRAF, AGI, CIGME), Belgium (SBG), Switzerland (SSG) and Spain (AGC, AGE).

Mrs Nezos has published three highly acclaimed books, Graphology Vol. l, Advanced Graphology Vol. 2 and Judicial Graphology Vol. 3, as well as numerous articles. She has also organised the translations and publications by Scriptor Books of many of the greatest works on the subject of graphology.