Sample handwriting (right):

Man, 62 years, solicitor, Notary Public

Pressure: Heavy, precise


General Impression

A lively,  comfortable writing with some conscious movements, aesthetic in appearance. It has poise, combativity and it is playful and determined at the same time.




Sobriety is inadequate; simplicity and freedom of movement are medium.


Form Level


Organisation, originality and rhythm are good; spontaneity and dynamism medium.


Form/Movement: Form

Type of Movement: Controlled effervescence

Tension: Firm

Axes: Vertical

Structure: Good, with accidents


A graceful, mannered writing, rhythmic and aerated. It has controlled speed, superelevations, relief and mixed angles in curves. It is vertical overall with a slight right slant, with irregular dimension and open ovals.


The stroke is precise and heavy. The lines are rising and the letters are connected and grouped with combinations and occasional over-connections. It has soaring movements and lyrical d's. Signature is similar to text.



Rapid + heavy + precise + mixed angles with curves + graceful + mannered + vertical + rising lines = Energetic individual who incorporates aestheticism and grace in his decisions and actions. He is firm with good capacity for work, stamina and self-discipline. Independence, power of logic and reason rule his actions.


Precise + soft angles + grouped-connected-overconnected + clear + aerated + rapid = The writer has good critical observation, and control over his sentiment. He has intellectual adaptability and good equilibrium between intuition and deduction. He has a clear and encyclopaedic mind and the ability to classify things in order of importance.


Fairly large + rapid + vertical + open ovals + irregular dimension = The writer is a sensitive individual, with great capacity for affection. He has a certain variability of self-confidence in the domain of emotions. A tug of war between expresssing affection and keeping his poise.


Grouped-connected-overconnected + rapid + soaring + lyrical d's + open ovals + graceful = He is an optimistic and expressive man. He has easy and relaxed social behaviour. His affectivity is spontaneous, mature and embracing. He is observant of other people's feelings and there reactions. He has a relaxed attitude, good manners and a kind heart.



Hippocrates: Sanguine / Choleric / Nervous.

Jung: Intuition Thinking, with good equilibrium between Introvert Extrovert, Strong Libido progressive. Some Anima.

Freud: Well-integrated Ego. Some orality, sign of narcissism.

Le Senne: EAP/S, L. nEg. Will, Pi, T.

Fromm: Marketing positive.

Adler: Compensation

Maslow: 3, 4 and some 5.



The writer has a radiant personality; he is independent with an original creative mind and progressive abilities. He is inventive with individual thinking. His decisions are rapid and sound.


He is able to organise his actions, be effective and achieve immediate results once he has managed to get over a certain hesitation which springs from his emotional sensitivity.


He has intellectual adaptability and good equilibrium between intuition and deduction. He has a clever encyclopaedic mind and the facility to classify in order of importance.


He has the ability to solve problems in an original way. Although he is often impulsive and given to exaggeration, his good equilibrium, instinctive discipline and sense of priorities help him overcome the danger of over-reacting and taking the wrong decisions.

In the emotional sphere, he is a sensitive individual with great capacity for affection. There is a certain variability in his self-confidence in the domain of emotions, and there seems
to be a tug of war between expressing affection and keeping his poise.


Generally speaking he is an optimist, and he is able to express himself with humour. In social exchanges he adapts with ease and spontaneity and he is open without effort or prejudice. He has a relaxed attitude with good manners and is kindhearted towards his fellow men. At times he admires himself with good reason. His affectivity is spontaneous, mature and embracing and he is observant of other people’s feelings and reactions.


Overall the writer is able to put across his personality successfully through the versatility of his attitudes. He likes to follow the trend, but that risks arresting the full development of his potential. He is energetic, clear-minded and straight in his approach to people and to work. He has poise, strong intuition, pronounced aestheticism and a sense of humour.

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