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The British Academy of Graphology



Graphology is the psychological analysis of handwriting.
We are the UK's internationally recognised graphological body for
setting the standards and ethics in handwriting analysis.
The BAoG is a founder member of the European association which instigated
ethics and standards for practitioners.
In 1991 our Academy received government recognition as
the most eminent graphological body in the UK.


The association is for our qualified professional graphologists and our students, and we work alongside those operating in the fields of psychology, the corporate world, education and security.


We are here, too, for private individuals and for those of you with an interest in the insights that handwriting expresses about our personality.


With almost 40 years’ experience the BAoG Diploma provides a qualification that commands respect from graphological organisations worldwide.  It also sets the standard of ethics and expertise required for a professional career as a handwriting analyst. 


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