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So what's going on behind the handwriting of these personalities?

As graphologists, we can see far beyond a public persona –

and far more than they would ever choose to reveal.

Amazingly, each one of us involuntarily expresses up to 60 graphological signs through our writing which point to unique psychological characteristics.


That’s how different we are and how exacting the study of graphology is – the origins of which go back centuries.


Handwriting is brain writing and stems directly from the nerve impulses in our brain… not, as you may think, from our hands


Studies show that if a person loses the use of their hands and has to re-learn to write using another limb, they eventually write in the same recognisable style as they did before.

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Handwriting Slideshow:

Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson, Angelina Jolie, Nigel Farage, Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May

Discovering the key to our personality through our handwriting is one of the most rewarding journeys of learning we can ever make.


It is life-changing and affects every aspect of our lives, on a professional level as well as a personal level.


The British Academy of Graphology offers the UK's only graphological qualification recognised by ADEG, the European body that sets the ethics of graphology.


With 35 years of experience under our belt, the BAOG Diploma provides you with an academic qualification that commands respect from our peers in every graphological organisation worldwide.


It also sets the standard of expertise required for a professional career as a handwriting analyst.

For recruitment purposes, graphology can be used as back-up support to psychometric testing which assesses potential employees and their suitability for specific job applications. 


In the role of relationship advisor, a graphologist can analyse the compatibility between potential couples through their handwriting, or advise couples already in a relationship on how to work through their differences during challenging times.


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