A-Z of Advanced Graduates

Louise Bhattacharjee BAOG Dip Adv 

BSc Econ

Mobile: 07802 482 805

Email: louisebhattacharjee@gmail.com


Graduated from BAOG in 1994, also holds the Advanced Diploma. Director of BAOG. 

Specialist in handwriting analysis for recruitment and general personality assessment.

Penny Clark BAOG Dip Adv

Tel: 01892 730408

Mobile: 07946 539236

Email: pennyclark@hotmail.co.uk


Trained as a journalist, she is the Editor of the BAOG Journal 'Graphology'.  She is also the BAOG Website coordinator. She holds the Advanced Diploma of the British Academy and is an examiner for the BAOG Diploma exam.

Rosemary Findlater

Personality Insights

Tel: 020 8876 5338

Fax: 020 8392 1900

Email: patrick@findlater.freeserve.co.uk

Personnel selection, career guidance, compatibility assessments, personal development.

Alexia Florman

Mob: 07780 602 608

Email: alexia@florman.co.uk

Examiner, degree in History of Art, qualified in 2001 and gained the Advanced Diploma in 2003.

Advises private equity firms and investment banks. Specialises in recruitment, team-building and authenticity. Presents for television.

Martin Hastings BAOG Dip Adv

Tel. 01277 225 974

Mobile: 0779 696 5903

Email: insightgraphology@gmail.com

Website: insightgraphology.co.uk


Experience in graphology assessments for Recruitment, Career development and

Understanding Relationships.

Lorraine Herbert


The Graphology Bureau

The Studio, 1B Limpsfield Avenue

London SW10 6DL


Tel/Fax: 020 8780 9530

Email: lorraine@thestudio1b.demon.co.uk

My work is mainly in personnel selection,
career counselling and general assessment. Related activities have involved lecturing at international conferences, giving talks to interested groups, teaching, editing and publishing graphology books.

Emily Hui BAOG Dip Adv

Mobile: (Hong Kong) 852-6623 2922

Email: cyehui@netvigator.com

Website: www.handwritinganalysis.com.hk

British Academy Graduate (with Distinction) 2014. Advanced Diploma of the British Academy

of Graphology 2015.

Bernadette Keefe BAOG, FRSA

The Graphology Consultancy

77, The Wheel House

Burrells Wharf

London E14 3TB

Tel: +44 20 7005 0320

Email: b.keefe@handwriting-analysts.com

Website: www.handwriting-analysts.com


Gained Advanced Diploma 1992. Established

The Graphology Consultancy 1992 which provides

recruitment, vocational, and personal analyses to individuals and a variety of business and counselling sectors. RSA Certificate in Counselling Skills 1993. Fellowship RSA 1997. Vice Principal of the BAOG (1994-96) and Governor of the London College of Graphology (1996-2001). Currently tutor and examiner to both organisations, and Chief Executive of the International Graphological Colloquium. Specialist areas include in-depth analysis, recognising wellbeing, emotional and psychological states, and the role of genetics and family dynamics in personality.

Bernadette is co-author of the International Manual of Graphology.

Lyn Knights

Mobile: 07747 785713

Email: lynknights@hotmail.com

I gained the Advanced Diploma of the British Academy of Graphology in November 2007

and since then have undertaken personnel assignments for recruitment. I am also a a tutor

to a number of BAOG correspondence students both at home and abroad. Since the

beginning of 2011, I have taken over as Administrator of the Academy.

Andrea Lyttleton

Tel: 0207 722 3993

Email: andrea.lyttleton@virgin.net 

I gained the Advanced Diploma of the British Academy of Graphology in 1993 and have been

working as a graphologist as well as a tutor at The Academy ever since. I specialise in

personnel selection and career consultancy for small entrepreneurial companies and large

corporations. My bespoke service can pinpoint specific strengths or weaknesses of an

individual, and offer compatibility assessments in or out of the workplace.

Maggie Milner

Address: POB 42719 London N2 OHE

Tel: 020 8455 7670

Mobile: 07768 475000

Email: maggiemilner@hotmail.com


Holds an Advanced Diploma from the British Academy of Graphology.

"Between the Lines" established in 2002. Specialises in handwriting analysis for recruitment and general personality portraits.

Sarah Mooney

Tel: 01536 791 787

Email: sarah.pottermoon@googlemail.com


Principal of the London College of Graphology. Tutor to the BAOG correspondence course. 

Previously: Examiner to the BAOG and Member of the Research Group.

Caroline Murray BAOG Dip Adv

Email: candamurray@hotmail.com


Studied at the Royal Academy of Music, taught piano and harpsichord for 20 years. BAOG Dipl 1997, Advanced Diploma, distinction, 1999. Governor and Director of The British Academy of Graphology (BAOG), teacher of advanced students, exam adjudicator, member of the Research Group. Main interests: Recruitment, compatibility, career advice, document authenticity. Presentations, TV and radio appearances.

Sylvie Oakley BAOG Dip Adv

Mobile: 07788 750300

Email:  sylvieoakley@yahoo.co.uk

Mrs Carolyn Peacock BAOG Dip Adv

Tel: 01780 444377

Mobile: 07970 640424

email: cpeacock123@btinternet.com


I gained the Advanced Diploma of The British Academy of Graphology in 2003 and have been working as a graphologist since then. I am happy to undertake general assessment as well as assessments for recruitment.

Betty V Rozakis BA, BAOG Dip Adv


Author: Coffee with the Subconscious

Cleveland, Ohio USA

Email: bettyrozakis@gmail.com

Website: www.bettyrozakis.com

Mobile: (001) 216 854 3506


Earned BA degree in History with emphasis in

Economics & Philosophy along with Advanced

Diploma from the British Academy of Graphology.

Columnist, Speaker, Blogger, Writer, Wife & Mother

with over 20 years’ experience in Healthcare Human

Resources. Specialising through graphology in helping people succeed

in their relationships: Employer/Employee; Parent/ Child; Dating Marriage; Physician/Patient; Psychologist/Client; Attorney/Jury. Special Interest:

Perform scientific research to refine the accuracy & specificity of Graphology

as a diagnostic science, especially as to how it relates to relationships.

Elizabeth Shearer BAOG Dip Adv

Mobile: 07919 123724

Email: shearerliz@hotmail.com


British Academy Graduate (with Merit) 2006. Gained the Advanced Diploma of the British Academy (with Merit) in 2010. Analysis for Personnel Selection. In-Depth Personality Assessment.

Tatyana Yufit Dip Adv

Mobile: 077 2011 2072

Email: t_yufit@hotmail.com

Website: www.analyse-my-handwriting.com


Tutor of the BAOG Correspondence Course

Main areas of Graphology assessment: Self-undertanding

and self-development; vocational guidance; private and

business partnership; consulting parents on children

personalities, problems and behaviour. I write articles for

newpapers and magazines, organise graphology

workshops and presentations. A bilingual graphologist, I am workiing with East and West European languages and have experience with some other languages (Japanese, Hebrew and Russian).


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The British Academy of Graphology is an organisation which sets a ten-term syllabus and examines candidates for its qualifying Diploma. It also has a course and examination for its Advanced Diploma.

Although the BAOG cannot make personal recommendations, it may be helpful to provide the following list of our members who hold the Advanced Diploma.