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In the English speaking countries, graphology has suffered from the lack of serious literature. Consequently the British Academy of Graphology founded its own publishing arm called Scriptor Books in 1985.


Its sole purpose is to translate into English and publish the most important great classics on graphology as well as new publications from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. Scriptor Books also publishes 'Study Notes' and the research results of our Research Department.

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Scriptor Books Publication List


  • Learn Graphology, by Gabrielle Beauchataud

  • Graphology, Volume 1, by Renna Nezos

  • Advanced Graphology, Volume 2, by Renna Nezos

  • Judicial Graphology, Volume 3, by Renna Nezos

  • Characters and Handwritings, by Emile Caille (currently out of print)

  • The Psychology of Handwriting, by Dr Jean-Charles Gille-Maisani

  • The Soul and Handwriting, by Ania Teillard

  • The Symbolism of Handwriting, by Max Pulver

  • Graphology & the Enneagram, Volume I, by Usha Mullan

  • Graphology & the Enneagram, Volume II – Basic Needs, by Usha Mullan

  • Graphology & the Enneagram, Volume III – The Dynamics Illustrated by HWs, Usha Mullan

  • Tree Drawings: Insights Into Personality, by Usha Mullan 

  • Poets' Handwritings, by Dr Jean-Charles Gille-Maisani

  • Manual of Graphology, by J. Peugeot, A. Lombard M. de Noblens

  • Graphic Gesture Creative Gesture, by Nicole Boille

  • The Application of the G. Moretti Graphological System, by V. De Petrillo & A. Millevolte

  • Psychopathology and Writing, by Florence Witkowski 

  • Graphology Theory and Practice, by Lamberto Torbidoni & Livio Zanin 


Study Notes

  • The Graphological System of Girolamo Moretti, presented by Prof.P.Cristofanelli & L.Torbidoni

  • Szondi's Theory of Personality in Handwriting, compiled by Alex Tulloch

  • The Mythological Types, by H. St. Morand

  • Sublimated Writings – An investigation into integrated writings, by the BAOG research team

  • A Study of the Teaching Methods of Handwriting in Europe, by the Members of the ADEG


For details on how to order books, please click here

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