The British Academy of Graphology
was established in 1985 with the
following aims in mind:


  • To disseminate and expand the science
    of graphology


  • To act as an academic body for the study
    of graphology


  • To set the standards of the profession of graphology (qualifying and ethical)

  • To act as the qualifying body, examining any candidates who wish to sit for the British Academy Diploma
  • To set the curriculum for the two-year part-time Day Course taught by The London College of Graphology

    The course starts at beginner’s level and leads to The British Academy Diploma

  • To publish the academy's esteemed journal, titled Graphology, two times a year, together with a regular newsletter

  • To publish literature on the science of graphology, and to translate the great classics of graphology, as well as current original works through the academy's publishing arm, Scriptor Books

    © copyright 2016 The British Academy of Graphology

  • To offer a Correspondence Course leading to The British Academy Diploma

  • To provide a two-year Postgraduate Training Programme leading to the Advanced Diploma of The British Academy

  • To provide postgraduate Workshops and Seminars to keep all graphologists up-to-date

  • To promote the development of research of the science of graphology