Graphology is the analysis of the psychological structure of the human subject through his or her handwriting.
The central nervous system provides a direct and undistorted link to the deeper self. Every human mind comprises a unique and immensely complex blend of character and accumulated experiences of life. Handwriting reflects this by evolving constantly. No two samples are the same.
Our graphologists study psychology and psychoanalysis. This, combined with the acquired skills of detailed analysis of the formation of writing, enables the detection and assessment of key personality elements such as ambition, energy, sociability, adaptability, sensitivity, etc.

What can the BAOG graphologists do for you?


  • Assist businesses in assessment and optimised deployment of personnel

  • Assist teachers in assessment of pupils

  • Maximise the possibilities of vocational guidance

  • Enhance professional knowledge

  • Broaden horizons

Here is an example of how we can help you:

You might be considering employing this person:


Would he be a good team member, would he withstand criticism, would he have initiative?


The BAOG – qualified graphologists will provide you with an answer through experienced graphological research and applied psychology. The analysis and advice we give will help you decide whether or not to employ an individual and may save you expensive mistakes. It can also help you to maximise the potential of those you do employ, enabling you to seek out and encourage facets of character that are not immediately apparent.

Graphological analysis has proved particularly effective in the following areas:


As employment law continues to evolve it becomes ever more critical for employers to take on only the right personnel.


Graphology is an invaluable tool for creating a climate of efficient harmony and avoiding the disruption caused by incompatibility and low productivity. From managing director to full-time nanny, professional graphological analysis provides the employer with an independent yardstick of a candidate’s suitability, aptitude and general personality traits.

Vocational guidance


A graphological assessment can assist the individual in making vocational choices such as career orientation or change as well as spurring ideas for employment in retirement.



Graphology can be invaluable in assessing a child’s development level. It can help early identification of learning difficulties such as dyslexia, as well as alerting parents to any emotional and physical problems a child may be experiencing.


General Application


Graphological assessments assist professionals involved in counselling and psychology.