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How to Order


Send an email to BAoG Scriptor Books:

Indicate the title of the book and number of copies you want to order.

Give your full name and address.

Indicate your preferred payment method:   Online banking / Bank Transfer / Pound Sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank

BAoG Scriptor Books will then let you know the total cost of your order. 


Books for Sale


Learn Graphology, by Gabrielle Beauchataud    £24.50

Graphology, Volume 1, by Renna Nezos - also in ring back    £24.50

Advanced Graphology, Volume 2, by Renna Nezos - also in ring back    £24.50


Manual of Graphology, by J. Peugeot A Lombard M. de Noblens.    £29.50


International Manual of Graphology by Lorraine Herbert, Bernadette Keefe, Monique Riley, Moniquie Stirling  £38.00   

 (To order International Manual, please email: 


The Soul and Handwriting, by Ania Teillard    £29.50

Psychopathology and Writing, by Florence Witkowski NEW    £29.50

Judicial Graphology, Volume 3, by Renna Nezos    £19.95


Characters and Handwritings, by Emile Caille - out of print    £35.00

The Psychology of Handwriting, by Dr Jean-Charles Gille-Maisani    £17.95

The Symbolism of Handwriting, by Max Pulver    £29.50

Poets' Handwritings, by Dr Jean-Charles Gille-Maisani    £17.95

Graphic Gesture - Creative Gesture, by Dr Nicole Boille    £29.50

Graphology Theory and Practice, by Lamberto Torbidoni & Livio Zanin NEW    £25.00




Study Notes     ​

  • The Mythological Types, by Dr Jean-Charles Gille-Maisani    £25.00

  • The Graphological System of Girolamo Moretti    £25.00

  • Szondi's Theory of Personality in Handwriting, by Alex Tulloch    £25.00

  • Sublimated Writings, by the BAOG research team.    £25.00

  • A study of the teaching methods of handwriting in Europe, by the members of the ADEG    £25.00

Postage and Packing to be advised for each individual order – see How to Order (above)



For further information and Payment Methods

please contact:   BAoG Scriptor Books, Email:


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