In-depth Course


Graphology recognises that a person's handwriting reveals much about the writer's mind, personality, character and emotional state from the way the letters are formed, spaced and arranged, as well as its speed, pressure, strength and inconsistencies.


For this reason, it is finding wide application in psychology, and in personnel selection; and it is no less useful in self-understanding.

The British Academy of Graphology


The BAoG offers a part-time Correspondence course in preparation for the Diploma, the qualifying exam leading to membership of the

British Academy of Graphology. There is also a new Advanced course starting in September


• Starts at Beginner Level (no previous knowledge necessary)

• Personal tutors trained at the Advanced Diploma Level

• Regular homework and handwriting analysis

 BAoG Tutors:  Martin Hastings and Tatyana Yufit and Sarah Mooney from the London College of Graphology 

How to Enrol


For more information and registration, please contact:


Sarah Mooney

4 Ash View

Upper Benefield


Email: sarah.pottermoon@googlemail.com


The Diploma 


The Diploma of the BAOG is the only graphological qualification in the UK formally recognised by ADEG, the European body that sets the ethics of graphology.


                      The Advanced Diploma           


The Advanced Diploma course will start in September and run until May 2022.  It is an intense course analysing portraits and recruitments to prepare for the highest level of excellence the BAOG can offer.


Terms & Conditions

It is a condition of membership of The British Academy of Graphology (BAOG) that students become Student Members of the academy, which entitles them to apply to take the Diploma examination.


Registration is compulsory for at least the academic year in which the student intends to sit the examination.


The registration fee is £20 per annum and includes the digital magazine, Graphology News, which is published two times per annum.