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Graphology is the analysis of the psychology of an individual through his or her handwriting.
Professional graphology is ethical insightful and empowering.  It is not for party-tricks, nor trivial sound-bites.
BAoG graphologists study human development, psychology and psychoanalysis.  They acquire the skills to analyse macro and micro variations in any handwriting.  These enable the interpretation of inherent personality features such as motivations, sociability, sensitivity and emotional balance.  
The engine behind our handwrting is not our hand but our brain's central nervous system which provides a direct link to our subconscious self, our stored experiences and acquired attitudes.
Like DNA and thumbprints, no two handwritings are identical which is why forgery can be detected.

You might be considering employing this person


Would she be the right fit for the post, a good team member, would she withstand criticism, would she have initiative?

BAOG qualified graphologists can provide these answers without ever meeting the candidate.  Through an independent graphological assessment, using applied psychology, the analysis can improve and augment your selection processes and save you expensive mistakes.


It gets behind the overt image, and can maximise the potential of those you employ, and enables you to seek out and encourage facets of character that are not immediately apparent.   

How can BAOG graphologists help you?

  • Guide towards greater self-knowledge to promote optimal life choices and to broaden horizons

  • Assist businesses in assessment and optimised deployment of personnel

  • Assist parents and educators in assessment of child and adolescent issues

  • Augment the possibilities of career guidance

  • Enhance professional knowledge for coaches, councillors and psychologists.

  • Personality profiles for investigators, biographers, historians and genealogists.

Signing a Contract

Graphological analysis has proved particularly effective in the following areas:


As employment law continues to evolve it becomes ever more critical for employers to take on only the right personnel.


Graphology is an invaluable tool for creating a climate of efficient harmony and avoiding the disruption caused by incompatibility and low productivity.  From managing director to full-time nanny, professional graphological analysis provides the employer with an independent yardstick of a candidate’s suitability, aptitude and general personality traits.

Career guidance


A graphological assessment can assist the individual in making vocational choices such as career path and can also spur ideas for career change in mid-life and in retiremnent, or indeed at any stage in life.


Child and adolescent guidance


Graphology can be invaluable in assessing a child’s

development level. It can help early identification of learning difficulties such as dyslexia, as well as alerting parents to any emotional and physical problems a child or adolescent may be experiencing.  Early intervention can bring significant progress.



General Application


Graphological assessments can help explain personal confusion, or suggest causes and coping skills within family conflcts.  They are a valuable tool in self-discovery in that strategies that protected us in childhood can be isolating in adulthood,

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