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   The Diploma Exams

                The Diploma of the British Academy of Graphology is internationally recognised and respected   

In order to obtain the Diploma (BAoG Dip.) the candidate must be successful if two papers to be completed over two days with invigilation.

DAY ONE:  The written exam lasts for four hours and consists of two analyses: a full psychological analysis (2+ handwritten pages) of a specific handwriting, using the BAoG worksheet of their Course, and an analysis of a different handwriting for Recruitment (1 handwritten page).

In order to be able to study the original handwritings (unless it is under exceptional circumstances}. candidates are required to take the exam in London.  During the Covid pandemic this was not possible, so different arrangements were made.

DAY TWO: There is an oral exam where the candidate is asked questions on a variety of original handwritings.

There will be an independent examiner.  The examiners are all graduates of the Advanced Diploma Course and are experienced graphologists.  A student's tutor is not permitted to be their examiner.

Only students who wish to practise professionally are obliged to take the Diploma exam.  An interest in graphology is all that is required for the course itself.


Once the Diploma has been obtained it is possible to prepare for the Advanced Diploma.  The course is also useful for continuing professional development and to update skills under supervision.  It represents the highest level of accreditation we are able to offer and is the optimum qualification for professional practise.

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