The syllabus for this course is set by The British Academy of Graphology and is considered to be the most advanced and best structured course available in the English-speaking world.

It is taught by experienced graphologists who hold The Advanced Diploma of The British Academy of Graphology.

Two manuals are used throughout the course:

1. Graphology, Volume 1

2. Advanced Graphology, Volume 2


The price of the two manuals is £49 + postage & packing.
The two-year course consists of four parts at a price of £450 per part.

NB: Students who have enrolled on the course are sent the Volume 1 which costs £24.50 excluding postage & packing. The price of Volume 2 is £24.50 + postage and packing.

Students should anticipate 10-12 hours to complete each lesson and await their tutor’s corrections and comments before progressing to the next lesson.

Students who have covered the syllabus may sit the qualifying examinations held in London every November and will be awarded The Diploma of The British Academy of Graphology if they successfully pass the examinations. NB: Examinations cannot be done by correspondence.

The Diploma of the BAOG is the only graphological qualification in the UK formally recognised by ADEG, the European body that sets the ethics of graphology. It is also highly acclaimed in other English-speaking countries.

Students may start at any time and work at their own pace.

Each student is assigned his or her own personal tutor.


N.B. There are NO refunds after one month of enrolling.

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For further information and registration, please email:



The Advanced / Revision course will start in September 2021

and run until May 2022 with approximately two Zoom lessons per month.  Each lesson will last up to 2 hours and take place on Saturdays at 9 or 10am London time depending on convenience for students living in different time zones.  We will discuss homework, analyse and revise theory.  The Advanced exams will be held in May next year.


The course may also be helpful for people wishing to re-sit their Diploma exams. They will be able to brush up on their graphology skills and discuss any questions regarding handwriting analysis. We will work intensively on portraits and recruitment analysis to prepare you for the Advanced Diploma, the highest level we can offer you.

The cost of the course is £400.00. The exam fee is £250.00

To enrol, contact Lyn Knights, Membership secretary:


Terms & Conditions

It is a condition of The British Academy that all students become Student Members of The BAOG, which entitles them to receive the digital magazine, Graphology News, published bi-annually, and our newsletter.


The annual student membership fee of £20 for all students, in UK and abroad, is payable on registration and thereafter on 1st September of each subsequent year. 


The fees may be amended by the Governors at any time without prior notice.